You can find on this page the Japan satellite map to print and to download in PDF. The Japan map from satellite presents new pictures of Japan as seen from the sky in Asia.

Japan satellite map

Map of Japan from satellite

The Japan satellite map shows new pictures of Japan as seen from the sky. This satellite map of Japan will allow you to visit the country Japan in Asia as seen from the sky. The Japan satellite map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Measured from the geographic coordinate system, Japan stretches from 24° to 46° north latitude and from 123° to 146° east longitude as its mentioned in Japan satellite map. The country is southeast of the Russian Far East, separated by the Sea of Okhotsk; slightly east of Korea, separated by the Sea of Japan; and east-northeast of China and Taiwan, separated by the East China Sea. The closest neighboring country to Japan is the Russian Federation.

In total, as of 2006, Japan territory is 377,923.1 km2 (145,916.9 sq mi), of which 374,834 km2 (144,724 sq mi) is land and 3,091 km2 (1,193 sq mi) water as you can see in Japan satellite map. This makes Japan total area slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Montana, and slightly larger than Finland.

The distance between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, the nearest point on the Asian continent, is about 200 kilometers at the Korea Strait as you can see in Japan satellite map. Japan has always been linked with the continent through trade routes, stretching in the north toward Siberia, in the west through the Tsushima Islands to the Korean Peninsula, and in the south to the ports on the south China coast.